Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Florence my muse

Florence (Marguerite)(Schust) Knoll may have been deemed an American designer (born in Saginaw Michigan, 1917) but she most definitely has had many roots in long-term international influences. First to mention, her father was born a few borders away, and spoke German as his first language. Apparent to me, her international genes began right there with her in the womb. Around 1935, being fresh in her learning career, she had studied under Eliel Sarrinen, a Finnish architect, known for his work in the early 20th century. 
     She then was privileged to work with the son of this great architect, by the name of Eero (Saarinen). According to "The Architect Designer with the Stainless Steel Legs", Florence herself states,"The Saarinens befriended me and took me under their wing. They asked my guardian for permission to accompany them to Hvitrask, their home in Finland for the summer...One Summer Eero decided to give me a course in architectural history he talked and drew these sketches simultaneously on sheets of stationary beginning with Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. He discussed each detail as the drawings appeared on the paper."
What an exciting time for this growing artist in her field of design! 
     When 1935 rolled around, Miss Schust attending school in London where she was influenced by LeCorbusier, who already had an international style of his own well along being developed.  However, World War II forced her to move back to the States, where she was there influenced by other designers who were then becoming famous for their steel-tube modern furniture. She eventually had the unique privilege to hone her decor skills under Mies van der Rohe. The same reference quoted earlier states Florence as saying, "Mies van der Rohe had a profound effect on my design approach and the clarification of design." Later in her career, Mies gave his 'Barcelona Chair' (and ottoman) rights so she could continue to produce this style. Classic. 
 She married Hans Knoll, Knoll furniture has been around for decades. After his death, she married a gentleman by the famous furniture name of Bassett. 
Even with being uber famous, Florence Knoll Bassett has turned down many many honors in her name. But, in 2002, the industry managed to sneak in awarding her the National Medal of Arts. I am impressed with her because even though she had multiple influences from around the world she seemed very down to earth and was from this local mid-west area!! That is something we all can relate to. 
References "The Architect Designer with the Stainless Steel Legs"

intro blog

     I am, no doubt, the last one to introduce myself to the blogging world assigned here in EDSN 103. I am Lori. I've given my blog name this designation simply because an individual's creativity starts outside the basic lines where we all started. Staying inside the lines was great when we're learning to color in kindergarden. But, now we have that licked, and well behind us, let's think outside the lines and come up with something really awesome. 
    I am very excited to be a part of my Ivy Tech’s Environmental Design Crew!  I must say, it’s been a challenging start, but I am making an honest-to-goodness attempt at being an awesome Environmental Design student. I am looking to yet identify my own creative style. I know what I like when I see it, just don’t recognize why I like it. I would describe myself  in word pictures as a musician who can naturally play by ear, but now must learn how to read the music in order to get graded on it. Yikes. Not to mention this is super difficult. If you’ve ever been here, you know what this feels like. I do plan to be useful to others real soon, in helping them in their quest for harmony in the field of design. For now, I am a freight engine…slow getting going, but hard to stop when I catch on to this college thing!!
   My current struggles, in my quest involves time management. I currently stay with my 92yr old grandmother at night, and balance the rest of my daily hours divided equally in the areas of (1) a full college curriculum of twelve credits  (2) my spiritual goals and 3) my newly purchased 1300 sq ft house (totally gutted)remodel project.  Since I have a building permit on my front window, I cannot live in my house anyway, until my certificate of occupancy is awarded, so I guess the whole Grandma thing has worked out perfectly.
     I recently moved back from Indianapolis, to my home town of Goshen, IN. I had lived in Indy for 20 years as executive assistant to the owner of our design build firm. On the commercial end of the business, I have been drawn to design via osmosis. But on a personal level, I guess I can only identify my earliest talent(s) playing with Barbies. Actually, I never  played with Barbies, I just always designed their living spaces and then let the other kids play. They had wall ti wall carpet (from human carpet samples) and my favorite wall coverings were supplied from record album covers. Carol King’s “Tapestry” album was perfect! But even though Donna Summer’s “Bad Girl” album had an awesome blue color pallet, it was not exactly the most appropriate theme for a modest Barbie’s decor choice. So, now that I think back on all of this, It is very evident to me, that even from the age of seven, this whole design process has been intriguing without me even realizing it.
     I'm impressed by the harmony that can be created in residential interior design, and I’d like to never stop discovering (from this course and in life) why I like the styles, that I do.

 So, GAME ON! I’m totally up for creating stuff.